On 11th October 2011,

an International Scientific and Technical Conference

“Traceability of Mass Measurement”

took place in a Concert Hall of the Associated Music Schools named after K. Penderecki in Radom, Poland.

The Conference was attended by guests from 19 countries, who represented national measuring institutes, calibration laboratories and mass measurement industry.

The representatives of mass measurement organizations and companies from Germany, Austria and Poland gave lectures on issues related to traceability of mass measurement, redefinition of kilogram mass unit, optimization of calibration process and concepts on international cooperation in the field of accrediting calibration laboratories. The Conference was also an opportunity to present the latest solutions on measuring equipment in laboratories (i.e. mass comparators and mass standards).

The participants of the Conference confirmed in one voice, that such meetings organized among mass measurement organizations are highly desired. Also, all participants expressed their hope for a similar meeting to be organized in the future.

The Organizers
RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne  and   HÄFNER Gewichte GmbH
sincerely thank all the arrivals for their participation in the Conference.

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